Boyds Hardwood Gunstocks History

Boyds Hardwood Gunstocks got its start when Randy Boyd became more hands on in his family gunsmithing repair shop. To help support the family, he started producing custom gunstocks. In 1986, Randy and his new wife Shelia had the opportunity to meet with Chipmunk Arms, who were interested in buying 100 stocks a week for their firearms. Purchasing three high volume stock machines and spending countless 18 hour days working at the shop, the stock manufacturing side of the business took over the gunsmithing.

Over the next eleven years, Randy acquired the best craftsmen in the country to be able to produce more of the high quality hardwood gunstocks the market demanded. The company grew as it evolved from custom work to producing stocks for big-name firearm manufacturers. When two rival stock makers closed their doors in 1997, Boyds found themselves at the top of the industry.

Boyds decided to take their business to the next level and became the first company to make eccentric shaped, highly functional hardwood gunstocks in large quantities. Several people in the industry thought it would be the end of the company, however, Boyds has found great success. The Boyds Featherweight Thumbhole quickly became their best selling stock, combining superior functionality with a cool new look.

Over the last three years, Boyds has made significant investments into their company.  Increases in their production capabilities, fine-tuning their manufacturing processes, and stepping up their use of technology has positioned them well for continually adding new products to their product line, at a faster rate than ever.

Boyds has never and will never sacrifice functionality to keep up with what is trending in the gunstock market.  Instead, Boyds actively seeks out input from the industry and their customers and provides highly functional gunstock solutions to meet those needs.  Boyds utilizes the product request form on the website as a guide for constantly adding new products to their product line.  By focusing on the input received from customers, Boyds is able to provide the greatest selection of the most relevant gunstocks to meet the dynamic demands of the market.