RIA Military Sporter Gunstock

RIA Military Sporter

The RIA features a Monte Carlo comb that is slightly parallel to the bore which aids with proper cheek alignment for scope and open sight usage. Nicely blended flutes in front of comb to conceal the thumb and prevent thumb-to-nose contact when gun recoils. A graceful cheek piece provides additional facial support and is blended beautifully into stock and grip to discourage the shooter from climbing up onto the scope and keeps the stock aligned with shoulder for superior recoil absorption.

RIA Features:

  • Sleek hand-conforming forend
  • Slender, slightly open oval pistol grip
  • Made of Laminate or American Walnut. These Materials are used for their proven stability, strength and beauty

If this part is called out as Semi-inlet - these parts have been completely shaped and 95% machine inlet. Stocks are rough sanded and unless otherwise specified, are shipped with a BOYDS butt plate. SEMI-INLET stocks require some knowledge of firearms and woodworking for installation. Final fitting, sanding, and finishing will be required.