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Barrel Channel Variations

Sporter Barrel or Factory Barrel:

The most common version of most sporting rifles is a standard weight barrel. This contour is used on the majority of Boyds stocks. These parts will be listed as factory barrel contour, unless otherwise noted. All Boyds stocks come with a free floating barrel.

Light Contour Barrel:

Featherweight, Mountain and Compact Contours are generally the lightest weight version of a rifle barrel. If you have one of these barrels, full bedding of barrel channel will be needed to fill the gaps between stock and metal on our stocks unless noted otherwise.

Magnum Barrel:

Most manufacturers use a slightly heavier barrel on magnum cartridges due to the increase in gas pressure. These barrels will need to be fit to our factory barrel stocks.

Fluted Barrels:

Generally are larger contour barrels or magnum contour barrels so they can accept the fluting. These barrels will need to be fit to our factory barrel stocks.

Varmint Contour:

Called out as BBC on the models we offer, these are generally a heavy contoured barrel that can be put into our varmint thumbhole design stock. You cannot fit a varmint barrel into our Classic, FT or Prairie Hunter design stocks unless you are willing to give up the 'flats' or rails on the top and sides of the forend. The stock will be safe to use but cosmetically unpleasing to look at.

Bull Barrel:

This barrel is usually a straight contour, usually 1" or 1.250" in diameter. Inletting of barrel channel will be needed on our BBC stocks or on our heavier forend stocks i.e. Varmint Thumbhole.

After-Market Barrels:

Manufacturers of these barrels will have their own specified contours as well as offer some with the original manufacture's specs. They should be able to tell you what contour your barrel comes closest to allowing you to determine the stock you will need to purchase. These barrels will need to be fit to our factory barrel stocks.

Free Floated Barrels:

All Boyds stocks come as a free floating barrel unless otherwise stated. Free floating barrels may not be truly centered in the barrel channel, due to the tolerances needed by Boyds on our stocks as well as manufacturers on their actions. Minor sanding may be needed to get an even gap on both sides of the barrel channel. To get the barrel centered into the stock, we recommend that you lightly sand the rails (barrel channel sides) and re-seal with polyurethane or do a bedding job that supports the first 2 inches or so of the barrel. Either of these options should help center the barrel evenly.