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Women are participating in shooting and hunting sports more than ever before. Female shooters have uniquely different needs than the traditional male shooter. This section is dedicated to female shooters and discusses gun safety storage, tips on long-range shooting, ergonomically designed gunstocks, accessory highlights for female shooters, and more. 

Length Of Pull Options Growing up learning on your dad or mom's rifle you may have experienced issues properly placing your cheek on the comb, seeing through the scope while maintaining cheek weld, or any of the other numerous issues with an ill fitted firearm. Customize your rifle to fit your body using our length of pull adjustments. Check out how to measure your length of pull at home: "How to Size Your Firearm to Fit Your Body: Measuring Length of Pull".

Length of Pull Gunstock

How To Fit Your Firearm: Measuring Length of Pull

Learn from the best,  Randy Boyd shows how to measure length of pull so that you can order a custom stock designed just for you. A properly sized firearm is key to an optimal shooting experience. Boyds offers length of pull options from 12 3/4" - 14 3/4". 

Boyds Gunstocks: Spike Camp Overview

Spike Camp the ambidextrous, essentials-only gunstock that weighs merely 2.5 LBS. Stripped down to the essential basics for a lightweight, affordable option but a highly functional premium hardwood gunstock ideal for both experienced and first-time female shooters. Spike Camp is a great choice for lady shooters as it's comfortable lightweight design is perfect for hitting the range or packing in for a backwoods hunt. The Spike Camp is available in most makes and models, and in a multitude of colors to compliment your gun, add uniqueness with laser engraving patterns and initials.

Spike Camp Gunstock Royal Hardwood Laminate

Boyds At-One

Boyds popular design the At-One Thumbhole is another great option for the female shooter, ambidextrous with length of pull and comb height adjustments. Get the perfect fit in all environments for all sizes. Available in most makes and models, and in a multitude of colors to compliment your gun, add uniqueness with laser engraving patterns and initials; don't forget to check out the original At-One also! 


At-One Thumbhole Gunstock Applejack Hardwood Laminate

At-One Stock Improves Your Accuracy

Our all new At-One shotgun stocks improve comfort and accuracy for all shooters. Whether you are breaking clays at the range or putting the bead on a long beard, the At-One's one button adjustable comb and butt pad will keep you aligned for the prefect shot. 

At-One Stock Provides a Custom Fit

Our new At-One adjustable stock offers a custom fit for everyone.
- American Made
- One button comb and butt pad adjustment
- Top-grade hardwoods and laminates
- Interchangeable grip and forend

At-One Components | Customize your Boyds At-One with hydro-dipped grip sets and an upgraded recoil pad for added comfort. Showcased below Pink Camo Dip Target Set, Candy Pink Forend Grip Set, and the Kick-Eez 1" Pad. These are a few of the many options listed on the Accessories page.

Boyds Featherweight Thumbhole, our lightest design yet at 2.3 LBS, with a traditionalist look. The Featherweight Thumbhole is an ideal choice for shooters with hiking in mind. Available in both left and right hand configurations. 

Featherweight Thumbhole Gunstock Blackjack Hardwood Laminate

Helpful Tips For Installation

Boyds YouTube: .243 Build

Even a kid can do it themselves, see how easy it is to affordably upgrade your favorite rifle and improve accuracy with your favorite Boyds gunstock.

Boyds YouTube: .17 Build

See just how easy it is to improve the looks and accuracy of your favorite .17 with a new Boyd's stock!

All Environment Accessories & Options

Sometimes the terrain isn't friendly and tight spots are precarious, Boyds Accessories are here to help. Make your stock unique and one-of-a-kind by adding custom laser engraving. Shopping for someone can be stressful, make life easy with a Boyds Gift card. 

Shooting Guides & Tips

Beginner Shooter's & Hunter's Guides | New to the sport? Make sure to check out The Ultimate Beginner's HandbookHow to Get Better at Target Shooting, and clothing tips for hunters. Even seasoned shooters and hunters can use guides as a great refresher course, check out How to Get a Hunting License and PermitHunter Safety Courses by StateTips for Taking Kids Hunting, and How to avoid Hunting Disasters


Tips for New Trap Shooters

In this episode of Beyond Stock, Dusty chats with Kim, a newbie female shooter, about key points that are sure to help beginning trap shooters.

Boyds Blog By Female Authors

Get tips and advice straight from other experienced female shooters on our Blog page!

Sofia - Blog Author

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  • Tips for Taking Kids Hunting

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    For parents and veteran hunters alike, taking kids hunting can be one of the most rewarding experiences in outdoor life. For many, growing up learning to hunt was as natural as learning to tie their shoes or ride a bike. For others, the option to go hunting as a kid (for any number of reasons) simply didn’t exist. But, when many of those same youngsters were exposed to hunting as adults, they fell in love with the sport and became hooked for life.
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Kids Hunting Wear Extra Layers


Our fellow shooting sports enthusiasts over at NRA Women featured Boyds Hardwood Gunstocks in their latest article. They cover stock options, cost, and how to order. Check it out, Click Here!

Female Hunting & Shooting Idols

Our very own Sales Coordinator, Amanda! She took a trip to see Pigman TV down in Texas and while she was there she snagged this awesome Blackbuck! She took it down with a Boyds Classic stock in Coyote laminate with Multi-Point Checkering laser engravings. Great shootin', Amanda!

Our good friend Kat Haas with Kat Haas Outdoors has quite the hunting story to share. She took down a Colorado Pronghorn buck while she was 5 1/2 months pregnant! She was already an amazing hunter and writer, but she's truly outdone herself this time!

Head over to Shwat.com or Click Here to read the full article on her experience!

Kat Haas Outdoors Colorado Pronghorn

Female Youth Idols


This outstanding female shooter is our next generation Female Hunting & Shooting Idol! Last month in Nebraska at the 4-H National Championships, Kenli Dumas from Louisiana took 2nd place in Overall Individual Small Bore Rifle and was part of the team that took 1st place in Overall Team Small Bore Rifle. She won using two Boyds Gunstocks! Keep up the great work, Kenli! We know you'll go far and can't wait to see all your future accomplishments.

Congratulations to all other competitors and shout out to all members of Kenli's team! Thank you for keeping the shooting sports tradition alive.