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Why Hardwood

Hardwood outperforms ordinary composite stocks

Whether you order a Boyds solid wood stock or one of our laminate stocks, the wood we use is always top-grade hardwood to ensure the best possible performance for your gun.

HARDWOOD ONLY At Boyds we use only top-grade hardwoods, because a hardwood stock performs! Every stock is dried to exacting specifications to ensure rigidity and stability, then sealed with chemical-resistant finishes for long-lasting durability and performance in all weather conditions.


Boyds stocks are engineered to perfectly fit the gun. They’re tight where they need to be tight, loose where they need to be loose for superior performance and improved accuracy you can measure.

SINCE 1981

Our engineers have continued to perfect manufacturing methods since 1981. That’s why you get far more gunstock for the money.

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AGILITY Features

A Modern Version of a Traditional Gunstock, the Agility™ Performance Gunstock from Boyds has the traits you recognize with features you need to enhance your shooting performance.


The Agility™ Performance Gunstock, like every Boyds gunstock, is built to perform and made to last. And, it’s filled with the features that shooters and hunters need.


  • Lets you precisely adjust your gun for a custom fit and further fine-tune your firearm
  • Semi-Beaver Tail Forend to ergonomically fit your hand
  • Hybrid Grip comfortable for offhand & prone shooting
    • 4 Semi-beavertail forend

    • 5 Swivel studs


    1 BRING-IT butt pad adjustment

    At the push of a button (adjust from 12-1/2" to 14")

    2 Ambidextrous MONTE cARLO cOMB

    For proper cheek weld, adjustable comb available on certain models

    3 hybrid grip

    Comfortable for offhand & prone shooting


    Ergonomic design for better fit and comfort in the hand

    5 Sling swivel

    Factory installed for your favorite bipod or sling


    To accommodate all shooters

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    AGILITY Colors

    A laminated hardwood gunstock is made to perform but also to look great. The lamination is both classy and eye-catching. Agility gunstocks are also available in high-grade Walnut and Maple. 

    Choose between 15 dynamic color schemes

    AGILITY brochure

    We've added our virtual 2022 Agility Brochure to the Resource Center for you to browse.

    Check it out!

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    AGILITY Specs

    Here are the AGILITY Specifications

    We’ve designed the Agility™ Performance Gunstock to adjust and fit a wide range of shooter sizes, from youth to the long and lanky. The length of pull, and comb adjustability will allow the rifle to fit most shooters.

    Length of Pull

    12-1/2” – 14”

    Overall Length

    29” butt retracted

    30-1/4” butt extended

    Forend Width

    2-3/16” at rear, 1-5/8” at front

    Recoil Pad

    1/2” thick, over-molded rubber


    approximately 3 lbs

    AGILITY Gallery


    AGILITY Gallery

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Answers to your questions about AGILITY Gunstocks

    Here are the answers to the questions we commonly get regarding the Agility Performance Gunstock.

    Q: What is the overall shape of an Agility gunstock?

    A: The Agility has a modern appearance with traditional gunstock features and angles, pulled together with modular components.

    Q: What is the wood?

    A: Agility stocks are made of hardwood veneers, solid Walnut, and solid Maple.

    Q: In what colors are they available?

    A: Apple Jack, Black Jack, Blaze, Coyote, Forest Camo, Nutmeg, Pepper, Royal Jacaranda, Royal, Sky, Hornet, Zombie Hunter, Maroon, and Shady Camo laminates. Also available in Walnut and Maple options.

    Q: What is the finish and how do I care for it?

    A: There is only one finish available; a satin finish. Our finishes are known for extreme durability and ability to resist not only water, but chemicals as well. Wood stocks can be dressed with high-quality wood finish products.

    Q: How do I maintain my Agility stock?

    A: Remove debris with a soft-bristled brush, and warm soapy water used sparingly. Dry immediately. Use a light film of good quality gun oil on metal components. Plastic and over-molded components may be dressed with a good-quality plastic and rubber restorer. The wood stock can be dressed with a good-quality wood finish product.

    Q: Of what material is the butt pad made?

    A: 1/2” thick over-molded rubber

    Q: What metals are used in the Agility?

    A: Aluminum, stainless steel or zinc, depending on the part

    Q: How does the adjustment work?

    A: The butt stock is adjusted by depressing the push-button containment, which releases the component for adjustment. Once in the proper position, release the button to re-engage containment.

    Q: What about fitting?

    A: Most factory Agility stocks can be pulled from the box and your firearm will insert with no need for fitting. However, due to variations in manufacturing, production processes and tolerances, some minor adjustments may be needed to achieve that perfect fit. Please consult a competent and qualified gunsmith if you need assistance.

    Q: Should I "bed" the action?

    A: Bedding is a technique employed to make a rifle more accurate and prolong the life of the stock. It creates a stable and precise fit to your action. Boyds stocks are meticulously engineered and machined from the most stable materials. In some cases, however, you may want to have the action bedded. Glass bedding does void the 90-day warranty, dry fit first. 

    Q: Does it fit my make and model of rifle?

    A: We will fit the Agility to as many of the variants of inlets listed on our website as possible. Just as with our other stock shapes, it's best to check our website for your specific make, model and action and confirm any measurements, hole spacing and barrel contour measurements on your rifle to be certain they match the stock. This will aid in precluding errors in ordering.