Youth Shooters In Mind

Teach a hobby sport and enlist enthusiasts of the next generation. Young boys and girls are participating in shooting and hunting sports more and more every day. Youth shooters have uniquely different needs than traditional adult shooters. This section is dedicated to the youngsters and discusses gun safety tips, ergonomically designed gunstocks, and accessory highlights all with youth shooters in mind.
Youth Shooters Boyds Gunstocks

Length Of Pull Options Growing up learning on your dad or mom's rifle you may have experienced issues properly placing your cheek on the comb, seeing through the scope while maintaining cheek weld, or any of the other numerous issues with an ill fitted firearm. Customize rifle's to fit your youths body using our length of pull adjustments. Check out how to measure your length of pull at home: "How to Size Your Firearm to Fit Your Body: Measuring Length of Pull".

Length of Pull Gunstock

How To Fit Your Firearm: Measuring Length of Pull

A properly sized firearm is key to an optimal shooting experience. Former owner, Randy Boyd shows how to measure length of pull so that you can order a custom stock designed just for you.

Boyds At-One The popular At-One and At-One Thumbhole are the ultimate gunstocks for youth shooters because they can grow with them. Get the perfect fit in all environments for all sizes; ambidextrous with an adjustable length of pull ranging from 12.5"-14", cheek rise adjustment that provides 9/16" raise, and countless add-ons and Accessories combinations. Available in most makes and models, it's the most versatile gunstock available. Learn all about the At-One Gunstock series here: Boyds At-One Adjustable Gunstock.

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Youth Shooters Boyds At-One Thumbhole
Youth Shooters

Why Choose At-One?

At-One Stock Improves Your Accuracy

Boyds At-One shotgun stocks improve comfort and accuracy for all shooters. Whether you are breaking clays at the range or putting the bead on a long beard, the At-One's one button adjustable comb and butt pad will keep you aligned for the prefect shot. 

At-One Stock Provides a Custom Fit

Boyds At-One adjustable stock offers a custom fit for everyone.
- American Made
- One button comb and butt pad adjustment
- Top-grade hardwoods and laminates
- Interchangeable grip and forend

At-One Components Personalize your At-One with Hydro-Dipped Grip Sets in Camo, Carbon Fiber, and Skull graphics in red, blue, green, and grey options, the possibilities are nearly endless. Check 'em out the Boyds Accessories page. 
At-One Spike Camp Kick-Eez 1" Pad

Beginner Shooter's & Hunter's Guides New to the sport? Make sure to check out The Ultimate Beginner's Handbook and How to Get Better at Target Shooting with Rifles to cover helpful tips on gun safety, target practice, and how-to's. If interested in hunting, make sure to review our blogs on How to Get a Hunting License and Permit, Hunter Safety Courses by State, Tips for Taking Kids Hunting, and How to avoid Hunting Disasters. Even seasoned shooters use guide's as a great refresher course. 

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All Environment Accessories & Options Sometimes the terrain isn't friendly and tight spots are precarious, Boyds Accessories are here to help. Make your stock unique and one-of-a-kind by adding custom laser engraving. Shopping for someone can be stressful, make life easy with Boyds Apparel or Gift card. 

Boyds Hardwood Gunstocks Gift Card

Helpful Tips For Installation

Boyds YouTube: .243 Build

Even a kid can do it themselves, see how easy it is to affordably upgrade your favorite rifle and improve accuracy with your favorite Boyds gunstock.

Boyds YouTube: .17 Build

See just how easy it is to improve the looks and accuracy of your favorite .17 with a new Boyd's stock!

Short Shooters Shares & Successes! | Email your gun transformations, shooting, and hunting success stories, we love hearing about them and love to share!

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