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Beyond Stock

Welcome to Beyond Stock, a film series intended to educate and entertain. Boyds' is more than a manufacturer of fine hardwood gunstocks, comprised of a group of passionate shooters who love shooting, and even more talking about shooting! Your enjoyment of this series guides the creation, something you would like to see; leave a comment below the video we love hearing back from fans!  

Boyds: Beyond Stock, S1E5 ".223 vs. 45-70"

In this episode. we talk about the differences between a light, fast bullet and a heavy, slow moving bullet. We have a .223 that shoots a 55 grain soft lead-nose bullet at about 3000 f/s and a 45-70 with a 300 grain soft lead-nose bullet shooting at about 1600 f/s. Let's go to the range!

Boyds: Beyond Stock, S1E4.2/2 "Accuracy Improvements; Long Range Shooting Tips"

This episode wraps up from a previous episode, where we were working on this Remington model 7 with accuracy improves. If you remember we put on a laminate stock, installed some pillars, glass bedded the stock, so now we can get it out to the range. 

Boyds: Beyond Stock, S1E4.1/2 "Accuracy Improvements; Long Range Shooting Tips"

This Beyond Stock we focus on simple enhancements you can make to improve the accuracy of your rifle. We compare the difference between hardwood vs. synthetic stocks. You're not going to want to miss our demonstration of a BIG reason to upgrade to wood!

Boyds: Beyond Stock, S1E3 "MIL vs. MOA Adjustments" 

"MOA is Minute of Angle. Very commonly used in the US and on most rifle scopes. 1 minutes at 100 yards is 1". 2 minutes at 200 yards is 2". With a Mil, it's 3.6" per mil." Mil is best utilized with an app since there is more math to it.

Boyds: Beyond Stock, S1E2 "Long Range Shooting" 

This Beyond Stock breaks down some basics of long-range shooting. We took a Ruger American, topped with Vortex Razor HD Optics and put the At-One Gunstock at the core. Let's talk about the 6.5 Creedmoor at 600 yards and how to get there!

Boyds: Beyond Stock, S1E1 "Lever Action Build Love it or Hate it?" 

Launch of Beyond Stock we do a fun and crazy lever-action build. This is not exactly your sidekick from the wild west! A 45-70 done with a little retro-mod twist! Check it out and tell us, do you love it or hate it?

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