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How to Select a Gunstock

Determining the right Gunstocks for your Gun

You must rely on your own observations and measurements when determining what action you have and what stock you need. Please read each of the links on our product page. Together, we should be able to determine if the gun you have will work with one of the stocks we offer. By taking a little time now to follow our simple guidelines, you can be shooting better with a new hardwood gunstock in no time.

If after reviewing the information posted on these pages you are still unsure of the product you need, we suggest you contact your local qualified gunsmith or gun shop to see if they can help you in determining what you have. This will ensure a mistake is not made and the proper stock is ordered and sent to you.

Recommended torque specs: 25-35 lbs.

Action length guide

Magazine/floor plate variations

Barrel channel variation

Barrel Contour Dimensions

Gunstocks can be ordered from this website. If you have any questions or need additional support, please call our sales department at 605-996-5011.