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DIY Video Resources

Boyds Do It Yourself 

Whether you are an experienced shooter or a novice to the sport, we offer detailed video guides on upgrading your firearm and its accessories. 

At-One Adjustable Wood Gunstock

Beginner's Gunstock Upgrade 5 Min or Less

Do it yourself and upgrade a Savage Axis to a Boyds® limited edition Teal laminate stock. Watch how easy it is to swap gunstocks in just over 3 minutes!

Why Pillar Bed

What does a pillar bed do for your favorite rifle? Dustin discusses all you'll need to know when deciding if Pillar Bedding is the right choice for you and how it works. Find this option under the Other tab in the Build & Price tool to add it to your cart.

How to Assemble Mossberg Patriot AI Mag

Do it yourself, Dusty shows you how to assemble the Mossberg Patriot Short Action AI Magazine

Ruger American AI-Style Magazine

Do it yourself, Dusty shows you how on a Ruger American rifle that accepts the AI-style magazine.

Boyds Gunstocks: .17 HMR Build

Do it yourself and see just how easy it is to affordably upgrade and improve the accuracy of your favorite .17 HMR rifle build!

Boyds Gunstocks: .243 Build

Even a kid can do it themselves, see how easy it is to affordably upgrade your favorite rifle and improve accuracy with your favorite Boyds® gunstock.

How To and Why Would You; Glass Bed Your Rifle

Do it yourself, Boyds® founder, Randy Boyd discusses glass Pillar Bedding, why it's important, and how it can help improve your accuracy. 

Ruger American Gunstock Upgrade < 2 Minutes!

Do it yourself and watch Boyds® founder, Randy Boyd upgrade his Ruger American Rimfire bolt action rifle in less than 2 minutes!

How-To Free-Float Your Barrel

Do it yourself and watch Boyds® founder, Randy Boyd demonstrate "Why" and "How to" free float your rifle barrel channel. Free float is when you have clearance between the barrel of your firearm and the stock, the clearance is meant to prevent stock and barrel collision and to improve your shooting accuracy.

Sand and Finish Semi-Inlet or Unfinished Stocks

Do it yourself; founder and former owner, Randy Boyd, gives first-hand information on how to sand and finish a Semi-Inlet or an Unfinished gunstock. Disclaimer: IF YOU ARE NOT COMFORTABLE MAKING ALTERATIONS CONTACT A LOCAL GUNSMITH.

How To & Why Upgrade a Savage Axis Gunstock

Do it yourself, Boyds® Founder, Randy Boyd shows you how to upgrade Savage Axis to improve your accuracy when switching from a synthetic gunstock to solid wood or hardwood laminate. *Please note: Savage Axis Metal Trigger Guards are not a standard option currently. They are available through the Accessories page: part number 100662.**

How To Upgrade a Savage Axis Gunstock

A properly sized firearm is key to an optimal shooting experience. Former owner, Randy Boyd shows how to measure length of pull so that you can order a custom stock designed just for you.

How to Select a Gunstock