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Howa 1500 Mini Gunstocks: 3 New Versions

The Howa 1500 Mini was released in March 2016. Boyds now makes gunstocks for this hot little beauty in all three of its barrel configurations: The Lightweight barrel, which is a #1 contour; the Heavy barrel, which is a #6 contour; both at 20 inches; and the Standard barrel, which is a #2 hunting contour at 22 inches in length.

All three of these barrel versions are now available in these Boyds Stock Shapes: Classic, Featherweight Thumbhole, Heritage, Platinum, Prairie Hunter, Pro Varmint, and Varmint Thumbhole designs. They are also available in left hand shapes. Standard color options for the Howa 1500 Mini replacement stocks include Black, Nutmeg Laminate, Pepper Laminate, and Forest Camo Laminate. Boyds offers countless custom options for their constantly growing line up of hardwood replacement gunstocks. These include laser engraving, custom grips, custom length of pull, custom recoil pads and custom tips.

The Howa 1500 Mini comes standard with a composite stock. If you want an opportunity to increase your accuracy with this gun, it’s best to drop this barreled action into a Boyds laminated gunstock. The increased rigidity of Boyds’ laminated hardwood gunstocks absorb recoil, providing better shooter comfort, while providing a much more stable, and non-flexing shooting platform that produces higher accuracy levels because there’s no twist or flex in Boyds’ laminated stocks like there is in composite stocks.

Boyds uses Product Requests submitted through email as a guide to continuously add new makes and models to their product offerings. Boyds adds new parts to their product line daily based on the input they receive. With this focus, Boyds is able to provide the best selection of the most relevant gunstocks to their customers. The new Howa 1500 Mini is a prime example.

Boyds offers gunstocks for over 255 gun brands, in 1,200 models. With 19 stock shapes, 13 colored laminates, 6 solid woods, and over 200 laser engraving designs to choose from, you can make your gun a one-of-a-kind work of art that shoots straighter than it ever did before.

You can give your gun the upgrade it needs to shoot straighter than it ever did before. And this is not a gun you will want to hide; the beauty of Boyds colorful laminated gunstocks is legendary!

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