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Ruger American Ranch Rifle Gunstocks

The Ruger American Ranch Rifle is a lightweight bolt-action rifle that Ruger introduced in 2012. Its features quickly made this rifle popular. Its features include: a crisp trigger pull that adjusts from 3 to 5 lbs; a one-piece, 3-lug bolt with a 70-degree low bolt throw for ample scope clearance; bolt has dual locking cams for easy cycling. Its barrel is cold, hammer-forged, and sports an aluminum scope rail. The tang safety is extremely easy to access by thumb, for either right- or left-handed shooters. One very notable feature is that the muzzle is threaded to accept a sound or flash suppressor, or even a muzzle brake. Talk about convenience! However, its synthetic stock does not do this rifle any favors. Synthetic stocks just don’t provide the rigidity and stiffness you need for accuracy, so you’ll want to upgrade the stock to a Boyds Laminate gunstock to increase its accuracy by up to 20%.

Nearly impervious to weather, the finish that covers the 37 laminated hardwood layers provides a hard protective layer that seals the wood from outside elements, making the wood stable and durable – which means your shot placement will be more consistent.

Boyds provides these stock shapes for the Ruger American Ranch Rifle: Classic, Featherweight Thumbhole, Heritage, Platinum, Prairie Hunter, Pro Varmint, as well as the left-hand version of each. These stock shapes can be ordered in the following standard colors: Nutmeg Laminate, Pepper Laminate, Forest Camo Laminate.

Customize your gunstock further by choosing your personal length of pull, one of 13 colors, and 4 finishes. Then choose from 5 different butt pads. Want grip caps or custom forearm tips? Boyds offers those, too – along with white spacers to add even more class to your gunstock. But the best option Boyds offers is the ability to apply one or two of the over 200 laser engraving designs! Nobody has a larger selection than Boyds