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Boyds Gunstocks for Savage A-22

Boyds now produces gunstocks for the new Savage A-22 released in 2016. Out of the 16 different rifle stock shapes that Boyds has designed, you can get a stock for the Savage A-22 in these Boyds Stock Shapes: At-One, At-One Thumbhole, Classic, Featherweight Thumbhole, Heritage, Platinum, Prairie Hunter, Pro Varmint, Varmint Thumbhole, and Spike Camp Thumbhole stock designs. They are also available in left hand shapes. Standard color options for the Savage A-22 include Black Textured Paint, Nutmeg, Pepper, and Forest Camo laminates. Boyds offers countless custom options for their constantly growing line up of hardwood replacement gunstocks. These include laser engravings, custom tips and grips, custom length of pull, and upgraded recoil pads.

Boyds offers gunstocks for over 255 gun brands and in 1,200 models within those brands. Nobody on the planet can offer a wider selection of gunstocks for more brands, models, and actions than Boyds.

Boyds is a “Built-to-Order manufacturer. “Build it Your Way” is what Boyds is all about. This means that our customers can build a truly one-of-a-kind gunstock for their particular gun. There are millions of possible combinations. You pick the wood type, the stock shape, the color, the finish, and then custom options continue on from there: you get your choice of Custom Length of Pull, type of butt pad, and which of the over 200 laser engraving designs you’d like. We also offer an adjustable comb option on several stock shapes, along with your choice of tips, grip caps, and white spacers.

 Where else can you get a custom, hand-crafted, precision-built piece of hardware that will absorb recoil while improving the accuracy of your gun by up to 20%, and get all that for a small fraction of what you’d pay elsewhere? NOWHERE, but Boyds!