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JF Gunworks 30mm Scope Level

by Justin Foster
Product Spotlight: JF Gunworks 30mm Scope Level

Now that you have acquired a precision optic and have joined the ever-growing community of precision rifle shooters, you are starting to shoot longer ranges. You quickly learn how much more the slightest inconsistency at the rifle shows up exponentially at the target. You make a conscious effort to be precise, consistent, and deliberate with everything you do behind the rifle, but you still experience inconsistency downrange. While the list of variables seems nearly endless, one major concern that you may not have considered is rifle cant.

Some may discount the importance of rifle cant, and above 3° of cant, an experienced human eye will more times than not be able to recognize the issue. Cant that is 3° and under, however, is extremely difficult to recognize and is ultimately missed. While 3° seems like nothing, 2° from the center on a 1 MOA target at 800 yards is a miss. Not only will you miss to one side or the other, depending on which side your rifle is canted towards, you will also miss low, as the effect of cant is on a radius. There is a simple and inexpensive remedy for this: the scope level.

JF Gunworks Scope Level

I had the pleasure of testing the 30mm Scope Level from JF Gunworks, and I can honestly say it has made a huge difference! Noticeably tighter groups at distance, and the peace of mind that you are being that much more consistent.

The construction of this level is something to note. Not only is it made in Canada by a fellow precision rifle enthusiast, but it is made with a well thought out design and top-shelf materials. JF Gunworks fixes the one major issue with many other big brand name scope levels; they glue the vial into the CNC machined 6061 billet aluminum frame so it cannot rotate inside of the housing. For added ruggedness, an internal snap ring is used to keep the vial exactly where it was designed to sit.

Rifle Cant MOA Scope Level

The level itself has a sensitivity of 31 MOA per 2mm of bubble movement and is of high quality thereby preventing any splitting under recoil.

Shooting with the level lives up to the hype. The sleek design blends right in with your scope rings and allows you to co-witness the level with your non-dominant eye while looking at your target through your scope. The level is small enough to not block the view of your turrets, yet large enough that you aren’t hunting to find it while behind the rifle.

This scope level is well built, with a superior design compared to competitors, and is made by a fellow Canadian. All of this for a very competitive price. What’s not to love!
By Justin Foster

Bio:  Justin is an avid F-Class competitive shooter and can most often be found at the range honing his skills.  He is an experienced firefighter in Calgary, Alberta Canada and is also an accomplished photographer.  His work can be found on his Instagram channel at:  https://www.instagram.com/lead.rain/