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5 Reasons Why You Need a Boyds Hardwood Gunstock |

It’s all about better accuracy.

  1. Hollow plastic stocks flex too easily:
    • ⚬ This can throw off your point of impact.
      ⚬ Hardwood laminate stocks are extremely rigid, this keeps your point of impact right where you set it.
  2. Hollow plastic stocks are easily affected by temperature extremes:
    • ⚬ They expand in heat and shrink in cold. The Zero you set when it was 75 degrees will no longer be the zero at 25 degrees; your point of impact will have moved.
      ⚬ Hardwood laminate stocks are far more stable in temperature extremes, the point of impact you set at 75 degrees will be the same at 25 degrees.
  3. Hollow plastic stocks transmit recoil easily:
    • ⚬ Lightweight plastic stocks do nothing to reduce felt recoil. Heavy recoil can have a negative effect on your accuracy.
      ⚬ Hardwood laminate stocks reduce felt recoil, making your shooting experience more comfortable and more accurate.
  4. Hollow plastic stocks transmit heat and cold easily:
    • ⚬ A little sunshine on a black plastic stock can make it too hot to touch; likewise, freezing temps makes a plastic stock too cold to hold. It’s hard to be an accurate shot when you are wincing in pain.
      ⚬ Hardwood stocks do not transfer heat and cold like plastic. Hardwood stocks moderate temperature extremes and makes your shooting experience more comfortable. Better comfort means better accuracy.
  5. Hollow plastic stocks are dull and ugly:
    • ⚬ Plastic stocks are boring, one-color, and generally featureless, devoid of any character.
      ⚬ Hardwood laminate stocks exhibit the beauty of wood and are often bursting with color, the wood grain adding features and character draws the eye.

You want to achieve the best accuracy in your shooting practice as possible, we all do. That’s why competitive shooters throughout the world over outfit their rifles with hardwood laminate stocks because laminate stocks are far more rigid and far more stable than composite stocks. Flex is bad, and plastic flexes far too much. So, when gun manufacturers started putting hollow, plastic stocks on new guns, Boyds adopted a solution: the Hardwood Laminate Stock. 37 layers of hardwood bonded with advanced adhesive provides strength and rigidity outperforms plastic stocks. A better-performing stock will make a better-performing shooter!

That’s Boyds Hardwood Laminate Gunstocks...Better Beauty, Better Accuracy, Better with Boyds!

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