It's All About The Long Range Rimfires |

Long Range Rimfire shooting and hunting have been gaining attention in recent years. For experienced shooters to youth and women shooters new to the sport, Boyds recommends our most popular At-One and both classic Pro Varmit Rimfire and Rimfire Thumbhole stocks for enhanced benefits of a solid foundation, stability, and precision when long-range shooting. Check out most popular selling models: Zephyr II, Tikka T1X, Ruger 10/22CZ 457, and CZ 457 Varmint

Accuracy Improvements; Long Range Shooting Tips

It never hurts to get some Long Range Shooting Tips! Check out this episode of Beyond Stock(below), Boyds co-owner, and long-time employee Dusty demonstrates how a good stock, proper pillar bedding, and glass bedding can improve your accuracy.

Customize Your Rimfire

Looking to shoot better, look better, perform better; consider changing up the stock on your rimfire rifle; it can make all the difference!

At-One Stocks for Big Game Hunters

Whether you're chasing elk in high country or waiting for a whitetail in the hardwoods, the custom fit of our new At-One gunstock will improve your accuracy. With a one-button adjustable comb and length of pull, the new At-One will help put you on target.

Boyds YouTube: .17 Build

See just how easy it is to improve the looks and accuracy of your favorite .17 with a new Boyd's stock!

Shooting & Hunters Guides & Tips | Even seasoned shooters and hunters can use resources and guides as a great refresher course, check out Hunter Safety Courses by State, Hunting Seasons By State, and How to avoid Hunting DisastersPatrick Meitin, shares his experience with a Featherweight Thumbhole on a Remington 788 hunt in Montana. 

Boyds Featherweight Thumbhole in Montana

Featured Long Range Boyds Rifle Stocks | Take at look at our featured stocks below, showcased throughout our media channels and our blog on What to Look for in Hunting StocksBuild Yours today on the Boyds product configurator page

Featured(above): Boyds Rimfire Varmint Thumbhole in Blaze laminate on a Steyr Zephyr II. Build Yours.
Ruger 10/22 Takedown
Featured(above): Boyds Pro Varmint in Blaze laminate on a Ruger 10/22 Takedown. Build Yours
Tikka T1x
Featured(above): Boyds Featherweight Thumbhole in Royal Jacaranda laminate on a Tikka T1x. Build Yours
Thompson Center TCR22
Featured(above): Boyds At-One in Sky laminate on a Thompson Center TCR22. Build Yours
Featured(above): Boyds Rimfire Hunter in Claro XX Walnut on a Bergara BXR. Build Yours