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Tikka Rifle Stocks for T1, T3, M07, M595, M695 & More

city tammerfors finland engraving by rashevsky

The Tikka Story

Tikka (technically, Oy Tikkakoski Ab) started as durable goods and firearms company originally established in Jyväskylä, Finland. Founder Martin Stenij set up his first machine factory in 1893 and started producing various commercial goods for a variety of consumers. Tikka underwent several ownership changes and began producing gun parts in 1918.

In the early 1930s, Tikka was purchased by Willi Daugs, a German arms dealer who went on to produce firearms and ammunition during WWII. All of Daugs’s properties were confiscated by Russian troops when Stalin forced Finland to sign an armistice in 1944. Consequently, all of Tikka’s plants were converted back to durable goods factories at the end of the war. Daugs managed to escape capture at the hands of the Soviets, somehow avoided prosecution for his involvement with the Nazis, and is believed to have fled to South America.

Finnish speculators were able to purchase Tikka back from the USSR during the late 1950s. Tikka gradually returned to the firearms business, partnering with SAKO (another Finnish firearms company) in 1981 to produce a prototype rifle. The pair merged two years later, in 1983, forming the Oy Sako-Tikka Ab company. Today, Tikka produces a series of affordable rifles for SAKO, which has been owned by Beretta Holding since 2000.

How to Select a Gunstock for Tikka Firearm

Popular Tikka Rifles

Tikka currently produces two lines of rifles (discussed below) that are known for being accurate and reliable weapons despite their modest price. The company also produced several other firearms that are currently out of production but still popular with many of today’s hunters. Some of their more interesting products include hybrid platforms that incorporate rifle and shotgun parts on a single frame.

Tikka M07 Combo Rifle_Shotgun

M07 Combo Rifle/Shotgun

The M07 Combo Rifle/Shotgun is one of several Tikka firearms no longer in production but an interesting weapon nonetheless. Manufactured back in the early 1980s, the M07 featured a vent-ribbed 12ga shotgun barrel mounted on top of a .222 Remington rifle barrel. This is a unique weapon and one that’s relatively hard to find, but that’s what makes it such an interesting piece. Combination guns, in general, are not as popular as they used to be, but they still offer great versatility while on the hunt. Not surprisingly, these firearms are mostly popular among collectors and enthusiasts that appreciate them for their uniqueness and style.

Tikka Master M595 Rifle

Master M595/M695 Rifles

Like the M07, the Models 595 and 695 rifles are older-style firearms currently out of production, but these weapons are still popular with many hunters. That said, be prepared to buy these long guns second-hand if you’re really interested in making a purchase. Both bolt-action rifles are essentially built around the same frame, with each firearm handling different types of ammo. The M595 uses short action calibers, like .222 Rem and .243 Win, while the M695 accommodates long action cartridges, such as .30-06 Sprg and 7mm Rem Mag. Fans of these two rifles claim they have a little better feel and heft than Tikka’s current production models.

Tikka T1x Rimfire Rifle

T1x Rimfire Rifle

The T1x is Tikka’s first foray into the world of dedicated rimfire rifles and the newest model currently offered by the company. The jury is still out on this firearm, as it was introduced in January 2018, but initial impressions seem fairly promising. Tikka presently offers the T1x in two calibers, .22 LR and .17 HMR, with the former having a slightly higher twist rate than the latter. Other features include a detachable 10-round mag, a stainless-steel bolt, and a modular synthetic stock.


T3x Centerfire Rifles

The T3 series of rifles has constituted the core of Tikka sales for the past several years, with the lineup recently receiving an upgrade to the improved series of T3x rifles. Current models include everything from traditional hunting platforms (pictured) to tactical variants designed for competitive shooting. Advertised features include an improved recoil pad, a redesigned ejection port, an improved rail attachment, a metallic bolt shroud, and a steel recoil lug. Tikka offers this line in a wide variety of calibers, ranging from .243 Win to 7mm-08 Rem.

Upgrade Tikka Rifles with Hardwood Stocks

As we already mentioned above, Tikka owners love the value and accuracy of their firearms. At Boyds, we believe the only thing that can make a Tikka feel better and shoot straighter is one of our custom hardwood gunstocks. Some of our best-selling products are designed for Tikka’s flagship T3 series of rifles, like the Featherweight Thumbhole T3 stock. We also sell plenty of items for older Tikka models, such as a custom Stock for the M595. Favor a longer action? We have you covered and offer a variety of beautiful stocks for the M695 as well.

Whether you’re new to Tikka or a lifelong fan of their rifles, Boyds is guaranteed to have something for your firearm of choice. In addition to improving the accuracy and feel of your Tikka rifle, our stocks are sure to add a great look to an already fantastic weapon. Available in literally dozens of laminates and finishes, Boyds custom hardwood gunstocks offer performance and style at a great price. Stop by our gallery and build your new gunstock today! 

Customize Your Tikka Gun Stock